BEN AND I PRANK BRENT!! (Getting Revenge)

23 Mar 2019
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Hey everyone, we got Brent back for all the times he messed with us. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and give this video a LIKE! Love you guys!
Fun Time by Dj Quads:
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  • 2 pranks?!

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  • Lexi: were the prank mean Brent: yea really mean Me: umm fun

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  • You can only like if you ship brieson Lexi if you see this plz respond you are my idol it’s not Charli or Addison it’s you so if you can plz also sorry I am late

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  • You only did two

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  • That was 2 freaking pranks

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  • Ben: im gonna be mad at you in one sec its just my throat is on fire Lexi: omg im sorry i mean i did it on purpose but im sorry

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  • It was so less

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  • I feel bad for brent

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  • Me watching 2020: umm.... can someone see Lexi eyes is red!?

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  • It was really funny

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  • Omg Ben and Lexi pranking Brent

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  • Brent: You're not getting a ride home Also Brent : Come on guys let's go

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  • No Brent no. Don’t use a pillow use a broom.

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  • I like your videos

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  • Anyone notice at 2:06 that Lexi made a typo "Angy"

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  • I wonder if the people they are pranking can hear them yelling what there doing downstairs

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  • When there are no broomsticks pillows work

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  • Always target in any video

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  • I don't get what that thumbnail is

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  • So boring# loser

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  • Once I also drank white vinegar at my grandma's house thinking it was water 1:11

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  • Wow

  • I ship bexi and then I see Lexi say “ SUP DOGGGG” to Ben 😂

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  • 2020 anyone

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  • only two

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  • Ben is such a liar he has pranked him all the time

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  • That was a short video

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  • This video was very funny 😂😂😂

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  • Ben is such a gentlemen even when he drank the vinegar he still asked please for real water

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  • Bruh I hate this it DISGUSTING I want brent

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  • I mean brent lol not brat

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  • Lexi you are better then. Brat lol

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  • Remove the r and t in brent's name then it spells Ben

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  • Bro, Lexi, do you know that vinegar literally can burn everything inside yo body!?!?!?

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  • you just do 1 brhhhhh

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  • You only did 2 pranks boring

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  • Ben said his name instead of Brent's name right after the intercom prank. lol

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  • I am sad u did only two!

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  • Y’all need longer videos which would make it more worth watching

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  • that was only 2 pranks

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  • 2:07 ANGY LOL

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  • Lexi I love you so much and hope that you gain more followers then Brent...😉 I hope your day is awesome and keep trying to get brierson together...😚

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  • Lexi pranks Brent so much how do they not think everything Is just a prank?😂

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  • whenever Lexi says "Welcome Back ot my ALworld Channel", I do clap simultaneously. And that is funny

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  • omg I love your blue nails

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  • Ben is actually a pretty lucky guy, Lexi is a natural beauty you can tell she’s more then pure. I root for this couple, hopefully they stay together.

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  • I wanna know where she got her shirt from

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  • brent: casually walking in isles of target ben on intercom: brent rivera has a butt appointment brent: WTH ben now I definitely don't approve of BEXI!!!!!!!!

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  • BEN is B

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  • Did anyone notice when Ben was saying Brent was angry the sun titles said angy 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Ben how did the white beginner taste

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  • Title : Getting revenge Ben and Lexi: *did 2 pranks in target* Also Ben and Lexi: I think we got our revenge.. i think we got him good

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  • That was such a short video!?

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  • I think I saw Brandt pick is nose

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  • Good job lexi for reaching 1 million

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  • did anyone notice that when Ben said that Brent sounded angry today that Lexi typed "angy" on the screen

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  • I love ur pranks

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  • Congratulation for hitting 4K subscribers! I hope u have a lovey day!

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  • It was to short you need to make it longer

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  • Hi Lexi I watch your videos all the time

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  • Lexi, why didn't you prank Brent more, and why was the video so small

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  • Thank you lexi

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  • Cute shirt👚👙

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  • you should prank brent that ben gave you a pink eye with makeup sence he is soooooo pretective

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  • Lexi's stance killed me 1:13 😂😂😂😂

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  • Hey do not say ben and i prank brent say on the taytol ben and i, prank brent that is the corecc one0

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