BEN GOES THROUGH MY PHONE!! (terrible idea)

25 Maj 2019
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Thank you guys for watching! I was actually so nervous, I can't believe I let him do this. Don't forget to give this video a LIKE and make sure to SUBSCRIBE! Love you guys!
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  • lexi are you dying or thats your voice wow you sound amazing here 0:01 like for real

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  • Pls like 👇

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  • Lexi ur hot

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  • I love the fish fam 🐟🐠🐬

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  • In the video that Ben's mom saw 👀 ben phone she saw a girl all around Ben's body

    Sal MansSal MansDitë më parë
  • i love this video

    Monika OkršlarMonika OkršlarDitë më parë
  • What's ur age, u r sooo cuteeeee

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  • Ben so cute 😘😘

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  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • 😭😭😓😓😓

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  • Ben l trust don’t have any problem

    Lakshmi Abhigna Koya(Student)Lakshmi Abhigna Koya(Student)3 ditë më parë
  • Got to access my spouse Snapchat account without any inconveniences through *Edith_techz* on INStagram he's genius

    JUNAIDU NathanielJUNAIDU Nathaniel3 ditë më parë
  • Got to access my spouse Snapchat account without any inconveniences through *Edith_techz* on INStagram he's genius

    JUNAIDU NathanielJUNAIDU Nathaniel3 ditë më parë
  • Got to access my spouse Snapchat account without any inconveniences through *Edith_techz* on INStagram he's genius

    JUNAIDU NathanielJUNAIDU Nathaniel3 ditë më parë
  • Who likes lexis clap in her intro is cool

    Annabelle MalboeufAnnabelle Malboeuf4 ditë më parë
  • i love you

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  • brie

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  • Lol

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  • Ya feel same

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  • 2:21 you can see the face

    Alexander VenegasAlexander Venegas7 ditë më parë
  • I am trying to eat and I’m just watching the video and I was laughing in the spoon is shaking 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • I love you

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  • HahaahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahaahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhhahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahaahhahahhaahahhahahhHahhahahahahahHhahHhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahhahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahHhahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahhahahahahhhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahAhhahahhahahahahHahHhaahhahahaahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahhahahahhhahahahhahHhHhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahahahahhahhahahhahahhahahahahhah

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  • Why... That is actually funny

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  • He is so funny lol😆

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  • Benhad so much

    Mailynn ZiebartMailynn Ziebart10 ditë më parë
    • I mean Ben had so much fun

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  • Anybody from india

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  • Hi lexi im a biggest fan for 5 years so stay safe wash your hands❤😊

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  • Is it just me or is lexi sssooo cute when she’s sneezes?

    Lexie WilliamsLexie Williams11 ditë më parë
  • We record eating and useless things but lexi records while sneezing WOW😂

    krip subedkrip subed11 ditë më parë
  • Omg I never expected she would ask abt fart to Ben's brother 😂😂

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  • who is watching this in 2021 January???

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  • 12 million views wow

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  • Who else here has watched family reunion after watching one of Ben's videos and then then like oh my gosh he literally plays a part in it

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  • Ben: why do you have 300 unread messages Lexi:because I don’t open a lot of them Me: having 1,600 unread massages

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  • I miss you 🤗😍😭

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  • So funny

    Lexi Loves DogsLexi Loves Dogs19 ditë më parë
  • What 😆😆😆

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  • Bexi is in the history of relationships

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  • 😂😂😂😂

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  • Ben🤣❤️"thanks buddy

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  • People on 2021👇

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  • I have almost 1,100 emails

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  • I don't see the video that he give you the phone but ok I like you guys

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  • My birthday is at June 6

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  • Who’s here after their break up :(

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  • Fam why does lexi have a billion pictures of the same picture HAHAHHA LOL

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  • Who's watching this after they broke up This is how many people miss bexi ⬇️

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  • 😁

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  • I think a "friend from Spanish class" is Andrew

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  • Ben : claps Lexi: hahahahahiii

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  • Hohoho

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    • Yo

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  • Lexi.. why r u so harsh on ben?

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  • Hey Ben that you have a brother I sound like another boy Your photo and I thought it was your brother but your brother but I didn’t know your brother

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  • Poor lexi

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  • Ok but like lexi acts like she doesn't fart🤦BRUH

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  • alexa your brother is so dum

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  • Lexi boys frat a lot I mean A LOT

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  • Love you Lexi soooo much 💓💓 💓💓🌺💓🌺🌺 💙💙😘😍😍 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

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  • Haha

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  • go to Ben's phone Ben phone

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  • Love you lexi you are so funny i kepp cry happly cause you are funny

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  • Since when is lexi fair

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  • Ohh shit Lexi

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  • Alexa my middle name is Alexa

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  • #lexi

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  • #bexi

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  • Lexi how long have you no Lexi hensler💓

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  • Please give me a shout out

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  • Alexa it looks like you got your wisdom teeth out:D

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  • She's so pretty

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  • hi lexi we are a big fan we love your vid

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  • The laugh at the intro😂😍

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  • Hi get this comment to 3k if you want Ben and Lexi to get married for 24 hours

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  • I read that and you is right

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  • I was thinking of ben will say that are these your babies!! Me :- -_- 😬😬😬😬

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  • I’m so sad be I is not s thing 😭 waaa

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  • I love you Alexq

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  • @

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  • Did Ben get you the $10,000,000 Gucci bag????

  • 😎😎😃😄😃😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  • I love you lexi

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    • Hi stevie anne ammabell

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    • Stevie

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  • Lexi your the best please reply

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  • Done

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  • I love the video

  • Benaaaaa

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  • Love it so Funny 🤣💖

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  • Bexi

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  • Lexi look at your mum’s phone

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  • Imangine if it was Andrew

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  • i hope you find something or someone to fix bens fart problems (NOT TO BE MEAN IM JUST TRYING TO HELP):)

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