28 Dhj 2019
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  • Y’all are so cute get back together!✌️ Love ur videos too

    e v i e l e w i se v i e l e w i s2 orë më parë
  • When Brent show up at the hotel I'm dead 😂

    I purple uI purple u22 orë më parë
  • Don’t get a divorce just tell him to back f word off

    Lucy DietelLucy Dietel2 ditë më parë
  • I swear Lexi still has his hoodies I swear she’s wearing one in the video when they go to the beach she have to have more she’s keeping this it’s like their collector items sorry Ben

    Lucy DietelLucy Dietel2 ditë më parë
  • When they said hold up wait a minute I was like those are lyrics to a song also Brent who let it go I don’t care if they dating anymore if you’re like me and you’re pushing for them to date again like this comment also please give me a shout out I swear please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please also there was one bed get another room Brent

    Lucy DietelLucy Dietel2 ditë më parë
  • Boys: throws pillows at Lexi Lexi: throws suitcase at boys

    Lucy SchoenLucy Schoen2 ditë më parë
  • No 👍

    Tamia KadirTamia Kadir3 ditë më parë
  • You guys are already divorced

    LIKITHA SLIKITHA S3 ditë më parë
  • Devorce

    Esmari LudikEsmari Ludik4 ditë më parë
  • anyone watching this after they broke up

    GAMERSMIX10GAMERSMIX104 ditë më parë
  • You are still in love

    Consoleé UtujeConsoleé Utuje4 ditë më parë
  • Really it would be"fun"

    Shreya PrasathShreya Prasath5 ditë më parë
  • I love Brent's reaction

    Hassaanah HanaassahHassaanah Hanaassah5 ditë më parë
  • Bexi 💜

    Vibe With ArynVibe With Aryn7 ditë më parë
  • Fr Ben... U should marry Lexi... It'll be a good couple

    Alisha The Greatest GodAlisha The Greatest God7 ditë më parë
  • Bexi cutest thing ever made ☀☁😊♥😊☁☀ Love is in the air! ⛅☁👦❤👩☁⛅ ⛅☁👵❤👴☁⛅ ⛅☁😍❤😨☁⛅ ⛅☁💂❤👸☁⛅ ⛅☁👽❤😈☁⛅ ⛅☁😻❤🐱☁⛅ ⛅☁🐻❤🍓☁⛅ ⛅☁👲❤👧☁⛅ 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

    princess majahaprincess majaha8 ditë më parë
  • I miss bexi

    Eash ElavarasuEash Elavarasu8 ditë më parë
  • Get married forever PLSSSS UR SO CUTE TOGETHER

    I love SssniperwolfI love Sssniperwolf9 ditë më parë
  • Ben looks kinda handsome in the video

    Gaurav pantGaurav pant10 ditë më parë
  • funniest ,brent at their honeymoon 😂🤣

    Nisha RaiyaniNisha Raiyani10 ditë më parë
  • brent acts soooo much like my brothers there's NO difference

    Ayesha KhawajaAyesha Khawaja10 ditë më parë
  • Lexi is sooo pretty 🤩😀

    mia Kyriacoumia Kyriacou10 ditë më parë
  • "We are gonna do fun honeymoon things"......... Hmmmmm

    Grace WaglerGrace Wagler11 ditë më parë
  • U should actually get married and have kids

    Anaya SharpAnaya Sharp12 ditë më parë
  • I miss bexi❤️🥺

    Naiesha GalaNaiesha Gala12 ditë më parë
  • Same I’m so sad the broke up :c

    sulton peersadasulton peersada13 ditë më parë
  • i puked cause i saw bens face

    jannah miahjannah miah13 ditë më parë
    • thats so rude

      Love RainbowLove Rainbow13 ditë më parë
  • How did you sleep ?

    Camila PeñaCamila Peña15 ditë më parë
  • You know the6 broke up in October right

    Jwana MoustafaJwana Moustafa15 ditë më parë
  • I didn’t think Lexi was wearing a bathing suit for a minute 😂😂

    Keating KilleleaKeating Killelea15 ditë më parë
  • It was funny that brent actually came on the honeymoon 🤣

    Cara ScullionCara Scullion16 ditë më parë
  • Do this with Andrew he is more way better than ben

    Manasvi Muthappa{9A}Manasvi Muthappa{9A}16 ditë më parë
  • Look at Brent face when they are at the beach it’s so funny

    Menaal FatimaMenaal Fatima17 ditë më parë
  • 'done'

    Natures ChestNatures Chest17 ditë më parë
  • Is Brent always been annoying like that😂

    Kaylee RichardKaylee Richard18 ditë më parë
  • Done😝😝

    Isabell TorresIsabell Torres19 ditë më parë
  • who is watching vids of bexi because they broke up

    tamara shattatamara shatta20 ditë më parë
  • I’m watching this when they broke up bexi !!!!!!! Is gone !!!!!!!!!, 😓😓😓😓

    Lily Up and atomLily Up and atom20 ditë më parë
  • Brent was like so annoying like let the couple be its not their folt he's alone

    Sanga TlatlaneSanga Tlatlane21 ditë më parë
  • i dont ship bexi i ship landrew

    Jayden CardielJayden Cardiel22 ditë më parë
  • #Bexi

    Max MickelsonMax Mickelson22 ditë më parë
  • divorce ;)

    Kara Joy SmithKara Joy Smith22 ditë më parë
  • OMG I LOVEEEE Brents reactions I can't stop laughing

    Mia SotoMia Soto23 ditë më parë
  • Can I have your brother

    Libby WoodsLibby Woods24 ditë më parë
  • 0:22 I loved how Brent was in the background listening. 😂

    Vishma RayarelVishma Rayarel25 ditë më parë
  • It is just me wondering what happened that night 😏😏😏

    Nina ZelNina Zel25 ditë më parë
  • Who else is watching this when they broke up :( bexi forever

    Sophia RitenourSophia Ritenour25 ditë më parë
  • This video felt like Brent is third wheeling Lexi and Ben for a day😂

    yogitayogita25 ditë më parë
  • Why is lexis ALworld channels name alexa rivera

    Urvi ShirodkarUrvi Shirodkar26 ditë më parë
    • Alexa Rivera is her name Lexi is like a pet name or short name thing

      DhrutiDhruti23 ditë më parë
  • Brent ♥️ s soo protective towards lexi He accepted loves her soo much He is not leaving them Alone Ben thinking " dude its are honeymoon 😂😂😂😂😂

    Suresh ChandraSuresh Chandra28 ditë më parë
  • Omg lol! Brent's face at 4:03 in the video is hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hannah LathamHannah Latham28 ditë më parë
  • Brent's reactions was great when lexi and Ben were seeing sunset

    Kavitha SenthilkumarKavitha Senthilkumar28 ditë më parë
  • Marrying for 24 hours Pregnant for 24 hours Having kids for 24 hours Honey moon for 24 hours

    Little FlowersLittle Flowers29 ditë më parë
  • Ben And Lexi Being Weirdos Brent, I Feel So Single

    Mia Beresford-Huey-KherMia Beresford-Huey-Kher29 ditë më parë
  • divorce

    Kristan CrofootKristan Crofoot29 ditë më parë
  • wait lexi have a hasband

    selly bujaselly bujaMuaj më parë
  • Ok

    Leighton DacostaLeighton DacostaMuaj më parë
  • They made great memories together 🥺🥺🥺😓😢😥

    Juan carlos TorresJuan carlos TorresMuaj më parë
  • If they didn’t,t break up this might have been for real

    Elizabeth SchillingElizabeth SchillingMuaj më parë
  • ya lol

    Vianey CamachoVianey CamachoMuaj më parë
  • They didn’t mention what they will do after the movie...It’s your honeymoon after all 😂

    Anushka GuptaAnushka GuptaMuaj më parë
  • Who else noticed lexi’s ring that Lexi got her!! She was wearing it on the beach!

    Dani_ ADani_ AMuaj më parë
  • No

    Ashanti CampbellAshanti CampbellMuaj më parë
  • you guys are so cute together

    Isabella martinez-lentiniIsabella martinez-lentiniMuaj më parë
  • Divorce please

    Lwandile GumedeLwandile GumedeMuaj më parë
  • Like i'm ganna cry right now i really missed @bexi💞 Ben Azelart and Lexi Revira😢😢

    Kathleen OmandamKathleen OmandamMuaj më parë
  • Did anyone notice Ben had a. Booger in his nose at the beach

    Cabela RamseyCabela RamseyMuaj më parë
  • Now that they broke up🤧, they should divorce

    Baylie TaborBaylie TaborMuaj më parë
  • 😊😊😘😍😘😍👙

    Derek ODerek OMuaj më parë
  • Divorce

    Dana BauerDana BauerMuaj më parë
  • Brent is so bad towards ben and lexi's relationship whereas ben is so tolerant

    ᴅᴏʀᴀᴇᴍᴏɴᴅᴏʀᴀᴇᴍᴏɴMuaj më parë
  • Bexi🥺❤

    riya barotriya barotMuaj më parë
  • Done

    Lydia KeoghLydia KeoghMuaj më parë
  • why do you take the beatings??? know .....beat back.....from brent.....yooo

    Ravi YadumurthyRavi YadumurthyMuaj më parë
  • hi

    Angel PolkAngel PolkMuaj më parë
  • Honey moon Brent I'll get the broom

    Marie TateMarie TateMuaj më parë
    • Rip to the broom remember

      AroobaAroobaMuaj më parë
  • Having kids for 24 hours Pregnant for 24 hours Married for 24 hours Sleeping in a gmnastic gym 24 hours Honeymoon for 24 hours

    Abdulla alnaiumiAbdulla alnaiumiMuaj më parë
  • I think you should've taken a picture during the sunset

    Zinhle ZuluZinhle ZuluMuaj më parë
  • Yes

    krista rose vinalonkrista rose vinalonMuaj më parë
  • Love cup

    Barron RossBarron RossMuaj më parë
  • Awwww when Bexi was still a thing!! 😭😭

    Avery HawkinsAvery HawkinsMuaj më parë
  • No divost

    Claritza MontillaClaritza MontillaMuaj më parë
  • Brent's reaction during sunset 😂😂🤣😂😂. I literally laughed for an hour for it🤣🤣🤣

    Umesh ShivaswamyUmesh ShivaswamyMuaj më parë
  • Are Brent and prison a good couple

    Katara MartinKatara MartinMuaj më parë
  • Ya

    Katara MartinKatara MartinMuaj më parë
  • nooooo this is good but why just why did they have to break up later

    Sophia OlmedoSophia OlmedoMuaj më parë
  • Honey this was made on my birthday 🥳

    ElliebeanRobloxElliebeanRobloxMuaj më parë
  • I knew that they are broke up already and when I watched this video and some more videos that have them it's just too sad

    We WeWe WeMuaj më parë
  • No more bexi 🥺💔

    Raphii OwORaphii OwOMuaj më parë
  • no

    Alejandro CatzimAlejandro CatzimMuaj më parë
  • cant believe BEXI isnt a thing anymore......(RIP Brents broom)

  • tooo shourt

    Mayanichol AnayacalderonMayanichol AnayacalderonMuaj më parë
  • Hsjdjjxjejdhjsjejjsjsjeoowo2jwhhsuurk4939jejjd

    Fritz Andrea CabahugFritz Andrea CabahugMuaj më parë
  • Brent is just being a good protective brother

    stuti shahstuti shahMuaj më parë
  • Eva and Brent did this same thing and also never got divorced so they are technically still married

    Doctor doofenshmertz IncorperatedDoctor doofenshmertz IncorperatedMuaj më parë
  • Hi my name is Josie and 8 years old I just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of all of you guys and I went to ask Lexi Lexi and Ben gather like I just want to ask because I've been where I've been mostly was also kind of been watching all your guys's videos everyday and I just I'm just I never did my first time riding down a comet I just want to say that I'm a huge fan of you and my birthday is on May 21st so yeah by Lexi is little are you and Ben together 💝💖💌💕💞💓❤😍😘🐕

    Johanna RodriguezJohanna RodriguezMuaj më parë
  • I just watched the break up video and this breaks my heart 💔💔💔😭😭

    chaitanya rokkamchaitanya rokkamMuaj më parë
  • Who's watchin this after the breakup😭

    Karan GoyalKaran GoyalMuaj më parë
  • Though bexiiiii broke up l love ❤watching these old memories and get it off my thumbnails 😂

    princess majahaprincess majahaMuaj më parë
  • who all are watching this after their breakup

    Anay ShahAnay ShahMuaj më parë